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Sticker shirt

$90.00 - $100.00
On Sale

I always love to make drawings like how a young child would draw them.

Well I did a drawing and put it on a very comfy

8 Oz 100% Egyptian cotton
Oversize / Vintage Fit
Wide and comfy feel
Super soft/ worn feel
White 100% Egyptian cotton
Double stitch
Pink sweat lining on neck

I just happen to draw everything that is special to me in a way it means something or it has impacted me in a way :)

All shirt are printed on 100% Egyptian cotton for the best comfort we could provide...

All shirts take 10-14 days to print and ship.

Very limited to 10, instead of our regular twenty.. because it’s 1/4 shirts we will drop :) enjoy it

Thank you again for being here and supporting me :)
Love ya

Together we RISE,
as one we are STAFF.

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